More #adventure less #futureprincipal

That person up there clinging to the rock high above the Llanberis Pass in North Wales is me. 

I love climbing, climbing is my meditation and my focus, my passion and currently my purpose. 

I’ve been climbing for about 5 years, but because  of those years I was totally committed to my work, I didn’t push myself physically or take the climbing opportunities that were offered to me.  This year I turned 30 and I made a promise to myself back in January as I sat quietly reflecting after a lovely birthday breakfast that I would get outside more, climb more, be more active and stop putting work at the top of my priority list. 

For the last 8 years my work has been my focus, my driver, and the energy I have put into it has been immense. I have been open about my ambition, I have written articles, blog posts, spoken at events and attended awards ceremonies all because I have believed two important things. One, I believed that ambition should not be silenced, shamed or downplayed. Two, I believed I wanted to be a college principal. 

This year has signified a lot of changes for me personally and professionally. Work is no longer my life. My job is a part of my life, a part I am passionate about, committed to and care deeply about doing well, but it is just an aspect of a complex, interesting and more rounded version of me. 

I still believe that those with ambition should shout about it, doing so has opened so many doors for me, although it may also have triggered some more negative responses in others. I still also believe that I want to be a senior leader, but for now  I want to focus on honing my skills as a middle manager and ensuring that personal wellbeing sits at the top of my list of priorities. Climbing, friends, family, being outside and enjoying the wonderful imperfect life we lead is my focus, saying yes to adventures and filling up on food for the soul. 

So this may be the end of #futureprincipal for now, but I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities that hashtag has given me. 

Let the adventure begin….


2 thoughts on “More #adventure less #futureprincipal

  1. Nikki. First of all, great photo! Strange things can happen to us as we pass life’s milestones, but this one feels like a good move. Never been very good at, nor totally believed in, the “work-life balance.” Life is all about seasons, and as seasons change our priorities can change with them, moving in and out of focus. Keep being the person you are, and becoming the person you will become. And don’t worry: becoming a complex, interesting and more rounded version of you will actually make you a better #futureprincipal too! David

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