Happy Staff = Happy Students

This is Betari’s Box, and it perfectly demonstrates why happy staff = happy students.


If we think of the teacher as ‘me’ and start with ‘my attitude’, we can see how my attitude affects my behaviour, which in turn, affects ‘your’ (the students’) attitude and subsequent behaviour. This cycle is ongoing, so the more stressed and burnt out our staff, the more this will impact on students.

Just as negative attitudes can have a negative impact, so can positive attitudes have a positive impact. It’s hard to walk into the classroom day in day out, with a fixed smile and positive attitude. However, if you can find the energy to wear a mask when necessary and appear positive, then the implications of that are far reaching – your students too will be positive and optimistic. If we as leaders work hard to ensure the emotional well being of our staff, we will help them to need that mask less and less, and be able to enter that classroom with true positivity every day.

Simple stuff really, happy staff = happy students…enthusiasm and motivation are infectious, we have a responsibility to our staff and students to ensure that they are able to be enthusiastic every day.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 18.18.15


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