Yesterday was the first day of MoodleMoot 2014 in Edinburgh and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This is my first Moot, and what a great way to start it. A day of workshops starting with pedagogically driven quiz building and an afternoon of Gamification, which in many ways said what I said here but with a Moodle focus.

networking-300x230 What I have really enjoyed so far is the networking opportunity an event like this offers. Being a Learning Technology Manager in a small college without a large, or indeed small, development team can at times leave you feeling cut off from the rest of the e-learning community. Events like the Moot and Saturday’s event allow us to build bridges with people and organisations that will make the sector stronger. We can’t share good practice or drive change on our own, we need a collective voice. Those colleges who go it alone and are reluctant to work at a grass routes level with other organisations will struggle…I truly believe that. The Gazelle and 157 groups have been known to do great things, but they can be exclusive. Far reaching sector improvements are, in my opinion, far more likely to come about from the bottom up. Let’s get lecturers and middle managers passionate about having an impact, let’s help them feel like they can make a difference, after all, that’s why most of us work in this amazing sector. We just need to toss in that pebble and watch the ripples spread.


3 thoughts on “#MootUK14

  1. Great summary of the day Nikki – and more appropriately – of the challenges you face away from it. I can easily relate to your issues with the subject experts (Lecturers) – and feel your pain in the FE context (the thing which should make you feel better is that you have it “easier” than working in the confines of the NHS!!

    I’ll be interested to see how your battle develops – and will probably come knocking to have a look closer at how you FE types are working!!

  2. Great post,
    re: ” Far reaching sector improvements are, in my opinion, far more likely to come about from the bottom up.”
    Wouldn’t a pincer movement, coordinated from top and bottom achieve even more.

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    Steve, yes I agree that a pincer movement would achieve more but in the wider context of the sector, I don’t think that the top have the same concerns or awareness of issues as the bottom. So on the coalface we have concerns about quality of CPD but that obviously isn’t an issue for many at the top, otherwise changes would be implemented. There are of course many at the top who are aware that changes need to happen and their concerns are in line with many of us, of course their presence in the groups involved in enacting change are very welcome.

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