#MootUK14 Part 2

Today’s Moot was all short sessions and workshops rather than the longer events yesterday.
I have struggled today after an horrendous night’s sleep, but one thing that really did catch my attention, actually two things, were Checklists and Badges.
Both of these can relate to the gamification of online learning, and I think that’s why my naturally competitive nature is attracted to them.

Checklists allow for students and staff to mark off progress, either linked to activities in Moodle or externally, and see that progress in a wider context in a progress bar. Now’t wrong with that – intrinsically motivational and supportive of the learner journey. Ideal for induction and mandatory tasks.

Badges, well these really strike a chord with my competitive streak. What I am really excited about with badges is their use to make mandatory induction type activities for staff, and other CPD activities, exciting. Relevant and exciting CPD can be hard to find in the FE sector, so by making the mandatory stuff rewarding, we can at least make it less painful.

I am all for motivators, many staff definitely need them, so checklists and badges are my two new favourite things.


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