What do students expect and deserve?

Today I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming some Jisc advisors into college to support me in running our first ILT Strategy meeting.

What a fantastic afternoon this was, as it allowed us to start to form the early vision of our ILT Strategy.
I invited staff from across the college, Lecturers to SMT, to meet for 2.5hours to discuss all things e-learning and ILT.

We started with the question above: what do our students expect and deserve in terms if ILT provision? And this is what we thought…


What pleased me no end was that ‘access’ seemed to be the most important point. Whether that be access to a wifi network or devices or access in terms of digital literacy and assistive technology, what matters is that they are able to do what they need to succeed. The fact that we identified this as the core aim of our strategy within the first 20 minutes of the meeting showed to me that this college is one where inclusion, equality and support are key. We stripped away the favoured buzz words and ended up with a focal point of access. And this makes so much sense. We work in a sector where we support students, who don’t always have the best starting point, to have access to a wider range of options on leaving than when they started. We give them access to their industries of choice. We give them access to great teaching and learning experiences and access to a digital world where they can explore and be curious, whilst also being safe.

We went on to discuss issues, technology, barriers to learning, examples of good practice, but what we kept coming back to was the sense of accessibility by all…both students and also staff. Accessible training, support, guidance and, of course, tech.


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