Socrative Vocab Caption Contest


My sure-fire way to bring laughter in the classroom is to bring in silly images.  Thanks, internet.  But one of the challenges of  Evanescent any classroom is allowing students to quickly share the work that they’ve created, to further inform instruction and student understanding.  I’ve found that Socrative meets that need, by allowing students to share and contribute their work from any wireless-enabled device.  While Socrative is designed as a traditional formative assessment tool, to allow the teacher to quickly poll the class, given that it also allows short answers, I’ve found that it can also be used to spur student creativity and competition.

Enter the Vocabulary Caption Contest.  To encourage my students to use their vocabulary words, I’ll pair a silly image (thanks, Buzzfeed!)  and a vocabulary word, and ask them to write the best caption for the image.  This allows me to review word use as student responses are…

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