Engaging Learners


So after a weekend of doing the non-work related things I love, I am feeling much happier and more buoyant about work and life in general, I suppose that it is at this time of year when we are at our most run down and tired we become more vulnerable to the pressures of life.

I collected a book from the college library that I reserved last week by Andy Griffith and Mark Burns called ” Outstanding Teaching Engaging Learners” which has been on my ‘to-read’ list for some time but what with getting my dissertation finished I have not had huge amounts of time for reading that hasn’t been ADHD intervention related.

I am only on chapter 3 so far and it’s a great book…I was worried it would be full of ‘thou shalt do that’ to be outstanding type passages with no real concrete examples but I have been pleasantly surprised. There are lots of ‘real life’ examples, and some great resource ideas. They talk about ‘flow’ – that phenomenon when as a teacher you are semi redundant as your learners are just cracking on and enjoying every minute, and you just sort of wander around making sure they are all OK and checking their peer assessment more than anything else. I like the fact they have a name for the flow, taken from Csiksszentmihalyi’s concept.

So in the week I have left before I go on 4 week’s leave, I will be finishing off next year’s schemes of work and planning as much 20:80 teaching and learning as I can, “starting with the end in mind”.


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